ESG Activity:Mangrove Planting Activity in Cebu, Philippines


ESG Activity:Mangrove Planting Activity in Cebu, Philippines

May 16th, 2023

Over the two days of April 23rd and May 14th, we conducted volunteer tree planting activities aimed at regenerating mangrove forests in the Tabuelan area of Cebu Island in the Philippines. This is part of the restoration of the severe environmental damage caused by past typhoons, and the target area this time is about 20,000 square meters, and about 2,500 trees have been planted. A total of about 250 people participated in the tree planting, and during the second tree planting, in addition to our employees living locally, executives and employees from Japan participated, and a commemorative ceremony was held in the presence of executives from local governments and organizations.

From now on, we will monitor the growth status of the mangroves we planted and prepare for planting activities from next year onwards.

The Philippines is a country with which we have particularly strong ties through recruitment of crew members and seafarers, and dispatch of young employees to study abroad.
We will continue to carry out various social contribution activities.