August, 1946Established in Takanawa-Minami-cho by Tokyu Corporation.
February, 1948Built bulk carrier; Asama maru, Amagi maru, Atago maru, Amazon maru,
Akaiwa maru and Azumaya maru.
August, 1965Built our first large tanker; Tama maru.
August, 1967Built our first ore bulk carrier Shinkyoku Maru, Harima maru, Kounan maru, Kyokusho maru, Oyashima maru.
July, 1987We transferred to Kobelco.(Kobe Steel,Ltd.group)
(Kobe Steel,Ltd. and NIPPON YUSEN KAISHA(NYK LINE) bought our stocks from Tokyu Corporation. Kobe Steel,Ltd. and NYK LINE were top shareholders.)
December, 1997Moved the head office to Kaigan, Minato-Ku, Tokyo.
December, 1997Acquired Document of Compliance (DOC) settled by International Safety Management code (ISM).
January, 1998Obtained ISO9002:1994.
November, 1998Started managing and controlling vessels.
September, 2002NYK LINE became top shareholder.
(NYK LINE bought our stocks 70% of Kobe Steel,Ltd.’s)
December, 2003Obtained ISO9001:2000.
October, 2011Head office transfer to Hamamatsucho,Minatoku,Tokyo.
July, 2014Head office transfer to Nishishinbashi, Minatoku, Tokyo.