Safety Policy

International Standards

We, Asahi Shipping follow SQE manual which based on ISM CODE for our business.

Quality Policy

  1. We at Asahi Shipping Co., Ltd., are committed to conducting our business in an ethically and socially responsible manner, based on our corporate values and in ways that guarantees a reliable service appropriate to our ship operations .
  2. We will comply with all mandatory rules and regulations and all applicable international and local laws, regulations, codes, standards, and other requirements to which we subscribe that are relevant to ensuring a high level quality in our activities, processes, and services, mainly, the management of our ocean-going bulk carriers, transportation of cargo, including those related activities, processes, and services that we perform.
  3. We will implement and maintain a suitable instructions and procedures to assure our compliance with such laws, regulations and other requirements, and encourage such compliance from those organizations having interest in our quality performance and success.
  4. We will establish and regularly review our customer focused quality objectives to continuously render a reliable and effective service.
  5. We will communicate this Quality Policy to all employees, contractors, and suppliers to ensure their awareness and understanding of our commitment. We will provide appropriate education and training to all employees to ensure their continuing awareness of quality responsibilities.

State of safety inspections and various training