SMS Policy

  1. We Asahi Shipping Co., Ltd. strives to ensure the safety of life, the safe operation of ships, and the prevention of human casualties and provide the safe and excellent services with our corporative value and social mission.
  2. Through our ESG (Environment / Social /Governance) activities

     E:We recognize the environment, including the ocean, as a valuable asset of the earth, and strive to prevent marine pollution and protect the environment.
     S:We are proactive to participate in social contribution activities.
     G: Strengthen business controls to comply with all mandatory rules and regulations in our management, and all applicable international and local laws, regulations, rules, standards, and other customer requirements.

    We will implement, maintain and comply with appropriate instructions and procedures to ensure compliance with such laws, regulations and other requirements.
  3. Provide safe practices and a safe working circumstance in the operation of vessels. Establish safeguards against all identified risks by performing a risk assessment on all hazardous tasks before they are performed. Continually improve the safety management skills of personnel onshore and on board, including emergency preparedness related to both safety and environmental protection.
  4. We share this policy to our employees, contractors, and suppliers to ensure awareness and understanding of our commitments.
  5. By conducting regular education and training, we continuously improve the safety management skills of our staff onshore and onboard, including emergency preparedness for safety, so that our organization is proactive in protecting the global environment. 
  6. We evaluate and continuously improve the effectiveness of our safety management system through the periodical audits, management reviews, and risk assessments in order to achieve our operational quality goals, including safety, the environment, and customer requirements.
  7. We review our policy is still in valid annually.

Revised September 2022