Initiatives at Asahi Shipping

As a member of the NYK Group, Asahi Shipping will integrate ESG (environment, social, corporate governance) into corporate management and strive to use the ESG yardstick along with the economic yardstick to contribute to solving the environmental and social issues. At the same time, we will work to achieve sustainable growth from our own unique perspective.

Preventing hull fouling

Hull fouling can be reduced through the use of coatings. However, such coatings are ineffective against fouling when the vessel is not sailing, moving, and this is becoming a more prominent issue from the perspective of environmental preservation. We have recruited Mr. Hitoshi Kaneko (former professor at Tokai University) as an advisor, and based on the jointly obtained patents for hull fouling systems, we are conducting demonstration tests aboard our Asahi Maru with the aim of developing an anti-fouling device.

Use of the multi-function anti-bacterial coating technology “KENIFINE™” on vessels

We have adopted products using KENIFINE™, a multi-function anti-bacterial coating technology patented by our primary customer Kobe Steel, for the vessels we operate to keep them hygienic. KENIFINE™ has also been found to be effective against COVID-19, and we are working to provide our seafarers with a safe and secure working environment. Going forward, we will work to confirm the practical benefits of KENIFINE™ and expand the use to other marine equipment.

Social and local community contribution activities

In August 2020 and November 2021, with the aim of providing children an opportunity to “think about the ocean”, we hosted an “ocean class” at the Kakogawa Maritime Culture Center located in Kakogawa City in Hyogo Prefecture, home of a steel mill belonging to our primary customer Kobe Steel. Together with the attending parents, we helped the children make boats that actually move using readily available items. In October 2020, we held another “ocean class” at the center targeting 5th grade students from the Hamanomiya Elementary School in Kakogawa City. Going forward, we will continue to conduct activities aimed at creating a good relationship with the local community.

Also, as part of the “Walking for Health” program, we have collected donations from employees based on the number of steps walked and plan to use these donations to assist street children in the Philippines, a country with which we have deep ties.