Changes of Board Members

Press Release

Changes of Board Members

Jun. 25, 2021

We hereby inform the new board members as below, which were approved at the General Shareholder’s meeting and our Board of Directors’ meeting today.

President ・ President Executive Officer         Satoshi Nemoto
Executive Director ・ Executive Officer      Katsuya Inamoto (New)
Director ・ Executive Officer                              Akira Kubo
Director                                          Nobuhiro Kashima (New)
Director                                          Chiaki Ohta
Director                                          Seiji Hirata
Auditor                                           Yoshiya Kawamata (New)
Auditor                                           Yoshiyuki Furuya (New)

We announce that Noboru Takenoshita has been assigned to an advisor.

We announce the resignation of Koichi Uragami as Director,Takayuki Kobayashi as Auditor and Daichi Ishikawa as Auditor.