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Press Release

Completion of the coal carrier Asahi Maru
for Kobe Steel, Ltd.

On March 22, 2018, the Asahi Maru owned by Asahi Shipping was completed by Sasebo Heavy Industries Co., Ltd.
At the naming ceremony held on March 9 and attended by members of Kobe Steel, President and CEO Hiroya Kawasaki of Kobe Steel named the ship Asahi Maru, and his wife cut the ribbon.

The ship will replace the existing Asahi Maru, which hauled coal for Kobe Steel over many years, and it will also be employed in the transport of coal for Kobe Steel.
In order to increase the familiarity among everyone in the local community, the ship’s mother port has been registered as Kakogawa.
Asahi Shipping will work to provide safe, stable and secure transportation of raw materials for Kobe Steel using a fleet of thoroughly quality controlled, including the new Asahi Maru.

On the maiden voyage, coal was loaded on the east coast of Australia, and on April 28, the ship made the first port of call at Kobe Steel’s Kakogawa Works.

The Asahi Maru is the largest class of ships that can dock fully loaded anytime at the Kakogawa Work’s coal pier. In addition, it is a cutting edge energy efficient ship with an energy efficient bow shape, energy efficient stern fin and electronically controlled engine.

Particulars of the Asahi Maru
Length: 229.00m
Width: 38.00m
Depth: 19.10m
DWT: 85,009 MT
Port of registry: Kakogawa